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Floating & Free Standing Canopies


Marine Dock & Lift offers canopies that can span openings over floating dock sections. 

The objective is to offer protection from the elements, without having to have a boat or pontoon lift supporting the canopy.

In the photo above you can see that the canopy is supported by 6 canopy support posts.  The support posts sit inside of brackets attached to the floating dock.  Depending upon the height of the boat or pontoon, we vary the height of the support brackets to ensure clearance.  The posts are adjustable so that when bringing the boat or pontoon into docking position, it just clears the bottom canopy support beam.  This then ensures maximum coverage for the watercraft.  As the boat or pontoon is floating, and of course the dock is floating, the canopy is always at the same height as the boat, so once set for the boat, it doesn't require adjustments throughout the boating season?

In this application, 6 support posts are used as the canopy length is 28 feet.  In 24 feet or less then 4 support posts are used.  In longer situations, (we have gone to 40 feet) then we use 8 support posts.

As with the canopies we supply for boat lifts, various colors and tarp materials are available depending upon customer preference, and or area of usage.


In this application, as one can tell, the lake bottom conditions are mucky thus one reason for the floating dock.  The canopy has 4 each support posts and the canopy frame is 24 feet long.  You can see the brackets attached to the floating EZ Dock system. These brackets are made of plastic, so less concern if the boat or pontoon should bump into them.


While many floating canopies are set up so no lift is required we are still able to offer floating lifts along with canopies over them.  In this case (photo above) the floating lift is produced by EZ Dock and is inside of the needed sections to support the canopy.  Note the offset arms needed for proper spacing from the dock to the canopy frame.


In this application (photo above and to the right), you will note what we term extended drapage.  The customer came to us stating that he would not always be close by in case of heavy rains and the lake level could come up quickly.  To make sure the boat would stay properly covered, and not be subject to side driven rains, we had extended drapage added to the tarp. This extended drape was secured at its lower level by way of a series of tie up cleats, and rubber bungees to allow some give or flex in case of winds.  There still is some gap at the bottom to allow for air flow.  The rear of tarp had a zipper to allow the boat a way to enter and leave the dock slip.


We are able to install floating canopies onto metal frame floating docks.  In this application (photo above), the customer requested the side drapage and it was set up as a separate skirt.  It was a very windy day the photo was taken, thus the flap was curling up when photo taken.  The side drapage is supported from the frame above and (as photos above), it is attached at the bottom by a series of cleats and shock cord.  This set up is for 3 sides of the boat with rear opening for tower clearance.


If you would like information regarding floating and free standing canopies  give us a call at 651-257-4265



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