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ShoreMaster Docks

Wheel Dock • Sectional Dock • Floating Dock

32' 8x8 End TS9 Roll-in with adjustable shore end legs and 8' Ramp


Infinity TS9
ShoreMaster's completely redesigned Infinity TS9 dock features exceptional value without compromising quality. It's truss design gives you the greatest strength-to-weight ratio. The TS9 is available in 8-foot and 16-foot lengths. This dock can be used as a wheel-in dock, utilizing two different wheel kit options, or as a standing dock. The ShoreMaster TS9 dock is available in three models: Standing Style Dock, Easy Adjust Wheel Leg , and Roll-in Style Dock.

       Deck Options

                                                              Yellow Cedar     Titan          IPE       White Painted    Tan Painted       Vertex                                                
                                     Hardwood     Aluminum        Aluminum                                           


Marine Dock & Lift offers 2 3/8" O.D. galvanized posts with an additional 9" leg pocket for wheel sections as standard equipment for the TS9 dock system.  Aluminum posts are also available.

              Quick Connect System

quick connectAllows for easy, no tool attachment and movement of accessories, including off deck benches, vertical bumpers, ladders, steps and more.


               Easy Assembly                   

easy assembly

The simple-to-use dock sections connect by hand.  Simply lower the dock section into the channel and tighten the Quick Connect screws.


                        Poly Tire

Tested to 3,000 pounds, these poly tires with rigid      sidewalls will not go flat.  Intake vents automatically fill the tire with water to add stability to your dock.



              Winch Leveling Kit
winch leveling

This option allows you to lower and raise your dock without entering the water. Available for TS9 Standing and TS9 Roll-in style docks.

              Caterpillar Connection

caterpillar connectionAllows wheeled section dock to pivot as they are moved in and out of the water. The caterpillar clip will attach anywhere to the perimeter of your dock providing you with a dock removal that is quick and easy.




Infinity RS7

ShoreMaster's Infinity RS7 offers you easy installation with a simple, lightweight sturdy design. Shoremaster's adjustable screw leg allows you to make adjustments from the top of the dock and accommodates uneven lake bottoms. Available in 8-foot and 16-foot lengths.


RS4 Sectional Dock

The RS4 Sectional Dock features a unique modular design that enables unlimited configurations to fit your specific needs without requiring any special dock sections. Its lightweight aluminum construction provides you with a system that is easy to install and remove from the water. And, the tubular dock rail adds strength but doesn't catch weeds like any other systems.

Can be set up in many different configurations: 4 ft. x 10 ft. Sections and 6 ft. x 8 ft. sections

Large 12ft. x 16ft. Platform End with  IPE Decking

New Curved Dock Sections
Turn your universal dock into something truly unique. 1/4 round, and 1/8th round. Plus 4 ft. x 4 ft. add on sections. The world is not square!!

Examples of Dock Configurations - The Possibilities are endless!

ShoreMaster's Wheel-A-Dock offers you easy installation with a simple, lightweight design that may be set up in a variety of configurations. The Wheel-A-Dock's independently adjustable screw leg also allows you to make height adjustments conveniently from the top of the dock. This reliable system even makes it easy to adjust for uneven lake bottoms. Wheel-A-Dock's durable poly tire will not rust and has rigid sidewalls to ensure that it will not go flat when submerged. Intake vents automatically fill the tire with water adding to the stability of the dock.

8' and 16' Sections Available


Floating Dock

ShoreMaster's floating dock is built using aluminum truss sides, or tube aluminum. Side frame heights vary from 4" to 48". The truss is considered the stronger of the 2 frameworks. The taller the side frame, the greater the load carrying capability. As the floating dock is built to specification, a variety of decking choices are available, along with various dock widths.


ShoreMaster FTS9 Floating Infinity Dock







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