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ShoreMaster Product Warranty & Manuals   


Click on the links below to view and/or print Manuals

Product Instructions Below is a list of product instructions and guidelines. The product instructions contained here generally do not include non-current products.

       Standing Boat Lifts : Vertical Boat Lifts

       Standing Boat Lifts : Cantilever Boat Lifts
       Sectional Dock Systems : Infinity RS4 & TS9
       Roll-In Dock Systems : Infinity TS9 & RS7
        Floating PWC Lift :  RhinoPort
        Floating Dock :  RhinoDock
        Floating Docks : Infinity FTS-9 Dock
  • Floating FTS9 Installation Instructions-SM
  • Floating FTS9 Common Configuations-SM
  • Floating FTS9 Frame Connection Kit Instructions-SM
  • Floating FTS9 Float Connection Kit Instructions-SM
  • Floating FTS9 Float Spacer Kit Instructions-SM
        Lift Accessories
        Infinity Dock Accessories
         Ramp Accessories
       Water Toys
       Shoreline Dock

If you would like a hard copy of the Manufacturers Warranty and/or Owners Manual mailed out please contact Kim at 651-257-4265.


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