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Shoreline Steps


        Maintenance Free Shoreline Steps

Marine Dock & Lift

Offers maintenance free Shoreline Steps.


Aluminum framework offers the structure to support step treds that are aluminum reinforced Titan vinyl decking material.  The Titan vinyl offers a textured non skid surface.  Typical tred width is between 44" to 48".  We have also created steps at 36" width.  Aluminum hand railing is also available. As an alternative, we have used fence type of posts that are colored.

As the steps are held off the surface of ground, permitting may not be of a concern.  You may want to check with local zoning to be certain.  The steps are held by posts driven into the ground every 10 to 12 feet.  These are adjustable, so should leveling be needed loosen the set screws, adjust up or down as needed and retighten the set screws.

Another key feature is that they are light enough so if needed they can be pulled up hillsides for offseason storage if shore side ice heaves may be an issue.

Platforms and or resting pads can be integrated into system if hills are long!


If you need steps going down your embankment to get to your dock

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