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Solid Side Frame Roll-in & Sectional Dock

  • Lightweight, strong 6.5 inch solid side frame with clean design (all post pockets inside of dock frame).
  • Made from American-made, all aluminum, marine-grade framing.
  • Two center stringers down each frame and corner gussets to add for rigidity. 
  • All stainless steel & brass nuts and bolts to eliminate any rusting.
  • With the unique side rail, accessories can be added to your dock with ease.
  • Easy Assembly - The side rails are equipped with bolt slots eliminating the need for drilling any holes.
  • Standard 4' and unique 5' wide docks come in 8', 10', 12' and 16' length and can be attached side by side, end to end, end to side or in any design you wish. 2' and 3' wide frames available also.
  • Simple to install, level and remove.

Roll-in, sectional or both!

Click photo to enlarge

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High-density molded wheel for ease of installation Standard lake end screw legs for easy adjustment to your lake level without getting in the water Standing leg  pocket for sectional Sectional dock with standng leg pockets, aluminum 2" x 2" posts and pads

Look how easy it is to connect each dock frame!

Connect two roll-in frames side by side or end to end with plate, stainless carriage bolts and brass nuts

Connect two sectional frames side by side or end to end with the new and innovative Rapid-Link bracket

The decking used on the Voyager Dock is Titan Deck.  It is made out of polypropylene, a sturdy plastic that is maintenance-free, environmentally safe and has a non-slip surface that is barefoot friendly.  Titan Deck gives your dock the ability to withstand heavy usage year after year and does not conduct heat and stays cool even on the hottest days. It comes in two colors Mushroom and Gray.









            Look how easy it is to attach dock accessories!

Put the two stainless steel carriage head bolts with brass nuts in the slotted hole on the underside of dock frame.

Take your new accessory (in this case a mooring ring) and slide upper part into side rail and attach with two carriage head bolts & brass nuts

Tighten the brass nuts to secure accessory in place.

With this attachment style accessories can easily be moved and there is no need to drill holes into frame.

Shown here is a vertical dock bumper!

How is the Voyager dock adjusted for height?
This will depend on the style of dock system you choose.  If your section has posts and pads then the section is adjusted by using a wrench to tighten or loosen set bolts.

If your section has adjustable screw wheels you are able to adjust the dock by being on top of the dock with either a drill or a wrench.




Want to design your own dock? Click photo on right to find your perfect layout then give us a call!


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