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Dock Rite Lift Accessories

Looking for something in particular? Call us, we may have it in stock!

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Lift Tech Motor w/Drop Down Pendant
110V (AC) or 12V (DC)

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Lift Tech Wheel Drive Motor
110V (A/C)  or 12V (DC)

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Solar Panel
10W, 15W or 24V  Charging 12v Battery
20W Panel  Charging
24v Battery

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Canopy Mount Battery Tray (Battery is optional)
(Leg Mount Battery Tray also available)

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Stationary wheel kit
For installation & removal of vertical lifts.
Set of 4 wheels

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Spring loaded guide sticks
Sold in pairs. Makes landing your boat easier especially in rough water

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Vertical PVC Boat Guides are designed to guide in heavier boats. Contacts rub rail only.
Sold in pairs.
Makes landing your boat easier especially in rough water

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Spring loaded full length carpeted guide-ons.
(This photo showing full guides & full vinyl bunks)

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Adjustable motor stops for boats.

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Ajustable screw jack lift legs.
 (sold in pairs)


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The Lift Tool
Can be used to adjust legs on a lift without adjustable screw legs or it can be used to raise the lift to attach wheels for in and out.
Multi-purpose tool!

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Canopy Storage Net
Store your life jackets, inner tubes and other things in the Canopy Storage Net. Keeps clutter out of boat & off dock!
Comes in three sizes
98" to 107" width
108" to 117" width
118" to 120" width


Boat Lift Canopies

 MDL Canopy Frame

 MDL Canopy Frame comes in several different lengths and widths.
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It can be placed on new or existing lifts! Also has adjustable end caps.

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MDL Canopy Frame with 24" Extended Drape

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MDL Canopy Frame with Drop Down Sides
  See below some of the choices you have for your cover!  

 Dock Rite Canopy Frame

The Dock Rite Canopy Frame is 32" deep and fabric hangs down 6" for a total depth of 42" (39" on 120 models)

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Dock Rite Canopy Sizes
12' x 64"
23' x 114" & 26' x 114"
23', 26', 28' & 30' x 120"


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 Canopy Tarp Materials
Many Color Choices


Tarp options are
Shelter Rite (18 oz), Shelter Lite (13oz) (vinyl),
Harbor Time (fabric),
WeatherMax (fabric) & SeaMark (fabric)

Shelter-Rite (18 oz/yard) is a "Made in America" quality vinyl product.  Heavy duty tightly woven polyester fibers provide excellent tear, puncture & abrasion resistance.  A high performance vinyl formulation keeps the vinyl pliable, crack and peel resistant, UV, mold & mildew resistant.  The 18 oz weight combined with heat sealed welded seams make Shelter-Rite vinyl the most durable, water-proof and number one used vinyl in the marine industry.  Flat matte, smooth finish makes clean up very easy.

Click to enlarge color samples of Shelter-Rite Vinyl

Shelter-Lite (13 oz/yard) is identical to the 18 oz Shelter Rite except the underside coating was reformulated and reduced to 1.5 ounces. Making this a lighter weight tarp for installation and removal.  The Shelter-Lite has the same tear resistance, UV, mold & mildew resistant.  The Shelter-Lite will not stretch, shrink or rot and is water-proof.

Click to enlarge color samples of Shelter-Lite Vinyl

WeatherMax (8 oz/yard) Utilizes breakthrough UV technology. With engineered yarn memory, WeatherMax maintains a sophisticated appearance with long term color retention and no unsightly sagging from age, rain or exposure.  WeatherMax is water resistant and an excellent breathable fabric, for outstanding mold & mildew resistance.  It is easy to install, 1/3 of the weight of standard vinyl material, yet durable and long lasting.

Click to enlarge color samples of the WeatherMax fabric

Harbor-Time (11 oz/yard)  Has an extremely durable "pigment-stable" acrylic coating on both sides of the material.  An acrylic coating retains a beautiful soft cloth appearance and insures a long cover life.  Harbor-Time is highly water repellent, UV and mildew

Click to enlarge color samples of the Harbor-Time fabric

SeaMark (15 oz/yard) is the ultimate in marine fabric.  SeaMark is a combination of Sunbrella, the premier woven acrylic fabric and Hartz textured marine grade vinyl.  The result is a rich colorfast, water-proof, and fade resistance fabric that stands up to the harsh conditions of any marine environment.

Click to enlarge color samples of the SeaMark fabric


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