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EZ BoatPort, EZ Drive-On Floating Pontoon Lift, EZPort Drive-On PWC Lifts, EZ Kayak Launch

New for 2019


EZ Port VXP Features & Benefits

The EZ Port VXP is designed for virtually any PWC under 1,300 pounds.  Like all EZ Dock ports, the VXP helps prevent hull damage from exposure to water, waves and boat wakes, as well as sinking at the dock.  It's compatible with existing docks and EZ Dock systems, or can be secured to the shore or lakebed without a dock.  Its split entryway with 8 adjustable rollers and a molded-in bow spot gets you in and out of the port quickly.  Anti-slip surfacing and suction pockets under the port make getting on and off your PWC smooth, stable and easy.  And, since the VXP keeps your PWC out of the water, it's easy to cover, clean, secure and access for maintenance.


 EZ Kayak Launch

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EZ BoatPort Packages

BP2000 BoatPort
2000# Capacity
BP3000 BoatPort with
Side Extensions
3000# Capacity
BP3001 BoatPort
with Side Extensions & Large Platform
BP4000 BoatPort
with Float Tank & Air-Assist
BP4001 BoatPort
with Float Tank & Air-Assist & Large Platform
BP5000 BoatPort
w/Side Extensions, Float Tank & Air-Assist
BP5001 BoatPort
w/Side Extensions, Float Tank, Air-Assist & Large Platform

BoatPort Components
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EZ BoatPort Features

Configurations to fit multiple boats shapes and sizes
Dry storage to extend the life of your boat
Self-floating chambers that move with the changing water levels
Works with existing floating or stationery docks
Can be used is as little as two feet of water

Add-On Features

Two skid bunk options to fit a variety of hull shapes and sizes
Up to three additional keel rollers for longer boats
Supplemental floatation kit for added buoyancy
Optional side extensions for additional walk-around room
Flip-up front cleat to secure the boat to the port
Air-Assist Pump and Float Tank available for a lifting capacity of up to 5000 lbs 

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BoatPort with wings

BoatPort with Double Wings

BoatPort with wings


EZ Pontoon Lift

EZ Pontoon Lift Features

Versatile mounting options for multiple installation methods
Durable marine-grade materials
Modular system so you can easily expand or reconfigure your lift/dock by simply adding components
Can be used with standard EZ Dock, tradional floating or fixed dock
Provides stable porting in strong currents or windy conditions
Two models are available: PL2000 for standard pontoons boats up to 2,000 lbs and the PL3500 for pontoons up to 3,500 lbs

EZ Pontoon Lift - Model PL2000

EZ Pontoon Lift - Model PL3500

Floating Pontoon Lift

Floating Pontoon Lift w/Canopy

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EZ Port Drive-On PWC Lifts

The EZ Ports are a one-piece unit that can be attached to an existing EZ Dock system or can be set up as a stand alone next to your existing roll-in or sectional dock system.  These lifts adjust to changing water levels and protect your PWC from damage caused by wind or wave action.  A variety of different models - each with adjustable rollers - can support nearly any PWC. Plus supplemental flotation is available for larger and heavier PWC's. Available in beige (standard) or gray (special order).


Accomodates PWCs up to 1300 lbs
Adjustable roller system

    multiple PWC shapes and sizes

Weight 335 lbs
153" x 58.5" x 14.585"

EZ Port Max with Integrated Bow

Accomodates PWCs up to 1380 lbs
Adjustable roller system
Wider & higher hull cradle to accomodate 
    multiple PWC shapes and sizes
12'4" length
Weight 320 lbs
149" x 58.5" x 14.625"

EZ Port Max 2i

Accomodates PWCs up to 1700 lbs
Easy loading
Adjustable rollers that adapt to a number of
  different brands & hull design
Bow stop to help prevent overshooting
Three-sided accessibility
14' length
Weight 350 lbs
168" x 58.5" x 14.625"

EZ Port Max Entry

Accomodates PWCs up to 1380 lbs
Adjustable roller system
Weight 315 lbs
149" x 60" x 11"


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EZ Port 3 on the River








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