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Close outs, Used docks & Used boat lifts on Hand

410 Grand Ave. (Hwy 8)
P.O. Box 308

Center City, MN  55012
651-257-4265 / 800-314-3625

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New returns, or close outs.



1 ea Used ShoreMaster 50108 Cantilever Lift with a Hewitt winch box.  Manual winch wheel, 24 x 120 Tan Seamark Canopy (12" additional tarp skirting) Some frayed edges on tarp, previously repaired. (See photo below)   $2500.
1 ea Used Floe Vertical Lift 26108. New stainless cables. Pair of cradle pads on lake end of lift only. Sold "As Is".   $1200.
1 ea Used ShoreMaster 401066 Vertical Lift with pontoon rail kit. Straight rack version. Add $450. to install new DR vinyl bunks,  Manual winch wheel.  No Canopy.   SOLD
1 ea Used ShoreStation 40120 Vertical with galvanized 2" x 5" steel bedframe beam.  24' x 120" ShoreStation Tan Vinyl canopy (1 quarter size hole in tarp) 12V rubber drive wheel motor.  120" wide.  Carpet bunks & Carpet guides-ons need fixing.   SOLD
1 ea Used Pier Pleasure 40108 Cantilever lift with double pontoon bunks.  Manual winch and wheel.  (ADD $450. to adapt DR vinyl aluminum bunks). (See photo below)   $1600.
1 ea Used ShoreStation 36108 Vertical early aluminum I beam version. With pontoon rail kit. Manual Winch. (See photo below)   $1300.
1 ea Used Dock Rite 30114 Vertical lit with vinyl bunks.  Manual winch wheel. (See photo below)   $2850.
1 ea Used Pier Pleasure 30108 Vertical lift with vinyl bunks, manual winch and one set of vertical guides.  22' Linen Tweed Seamark cloth tarp (holes in corners, continuous bungee). MDL to cut long legs down, fix foot pads.  ADD $100. for new winch wheel.  Winch wheel is workable, but poor looking.   SOLD
1 ea Used NMI 28108 Cantilever lift with cradle pads.  Needs major frame fix.  Side frame cracked off from tree falling on it.  "AS IS" $200.  If MDL Fix, price would be $1200.   $200.
1 ea Used Floe Vertical Lift 26108. New stainless cables. Pair of cradle pads on lake end of lift only. Sold "As Is".   $1200.
1 ea Used Vibo 25108 Cantilever lift.  With 2500# Shelby winch.  Needs new cable and cradle pad work.  Needs repair to structure.  22' canopy frame with green fabric tarp. Quadrant style.   $1100.
Priced after all repairs
1 ea Used, NO NAME ??  Floe style vertical lift 2400#? capacity with DC electric SA9000 style winch with 4 ea Floe removal wheels.  Sold "AS IS".   $800.
1 ea Used Hewitt 2596 with 20 or 22'?? Gray tarp. Vinyl bunks, foam guides (need replacement) 2 ea wheel kits (1 ea rubber , 1 ea poly). Manual winch wheel.   SOLD
1 ea Used ShoreMaster 2596 Cantilever with old style L winch box.  New cable.  Red cradle pads. No leg slotting to speak of.  Should get some new bolts at base though.  2196 SM Frame with one year old white vinyl tarp.   $1890.
1 ea Used ShoreMaster 2208 Vertical lift (2200#, 96" wide) carpeted bunks and pair of screw jack pads.  SM 21x96 frame with OEM Blue WeatherMax tarp.   SOLD
1 ea Used Long Narrow Hewitt Pontoon Lift.  Approx. 2000# capacity.. Has "goal posts" uprights for canopy. Canopy frame not included in this price (See photo below)   $800.
1 ea Used ShoreMaster 16108 Cantilever lift.  Has new winch cable.  Leg slots have been fixed.  Has B1500 brake winch.  Has PP cradle pads. (See photo below)   $700.
1 ea Used Vibo 1696 Cantilever Lift.  Cradle pads fixed.  New winch cable.  Has 1500# DL brake winch. (See photo below)   $700.
1 ea Used ShoreMaster 1696 Cantilever lift.  Needs new winch box (does not have one).  Needs new winch cable.  Needs slotted legs fixed.  Has red cradle pads. Home made canopy system.  Sold "AS IS".   $200.
1 ea Remanufactured DC Lift Tech direct drive with remote key fob, installation kit and pendant   $650.
1 ea Used AC Lift Tech direct drive with pendant & kit   $485.
2 ea Used Lift Mate rubber drive wheel motors 110V   $150. ea
3 ea Holdover 12v Lift Mate rubber drive wheel motor   $599. ea
1 ea Holdover 110v Lift Mate rubber drive wheel motor   $599.
1 ea Light storm damage (repaired) 36' x 11'  MDL Yellow WM tarp, only used 3 months   $602.
  Pier Pleasure Dock Sections & Components    
1 ea 8' Pier Pleasure Handrail * $150.
5 ea Tan carpet PP sections.  One is side section to the left.  Approx 5' water at lake end.  3 ea "ok" vertical bumpers.  Carpet needs repair.  Sold "AS IS" $190. each section.  1 ea used Pier Pleasure ladder $60.    
6 ea PP redwood sections. Shallower application. With 2 ea white brock sections.  1 ea PP corner section $125.  on corner piece.  Very short legs on Brock sections   $225. ea
1 ea Several Used Pier Pleasure dock leg kits.  varying lengths.  Pricing based on material picked up.  (minimum 4 leg kits)   TBD
  USED Docks and or Components    
1 ea Used ShoreMaster RS4 45 degree angle section, with IPE decking.  With one set ofUnidock style corner section, with IPE Decking. 3x3x4 corner   $290.
2 ea Used ShoreMaster Unidock style corner section, with IPE Decking. 3x3x4 corner   $90. each
1 ea Used SM 90 degree corner with PP welded on female hinge. Frame only. (Add for decking of choice) with one support post   $150.
4 ea Bridgco H Stands, 36" wide, hot dipped galvanized steel - $50. each   $200.
  USED white painted aluminum SM panels.  45" width.  Approx 18 ea 4x4's and 10 ea 2x4's.  Some have storm damage, may not be perfectly flat. (New panels $240 retail 4x4)   $80.

 Per 4 foot Length


Holdovers, New & Used EZ Dock Components

2 ea USED new style standard duty bracket with Used coupler.  Add for pipe.   $70. ea
4 ea Used Shorty bumpers   $40. ea
2 ea Green powder coat railing 5' (nominal) width, Used   $225. each
1 ea Green powder coat railing 40" (nominal) width, Used   $205.
1 ea New Holdover galvanized steel 5' railing   $292.
1 ea Used EZ Dock winch stand. Stiff arm bracket    
1ea Used 2" x 2" square aluminum railing for EZ Dock attach. 40" (nominal) width. With new hardware connectors. 4 ea needed   $180.

MISC. ACCESSORIES & New Holdover Stock - Gangways

4 ea SM poly floating corner sections. 4x4x5' Speckled (blems) (Add for dock attach connectors)   $90. ea
1 ea New Holdover Poly dock connecotrs. 3 ea. 4' connectors ($170. ea) 1 ea 10' connector ($307.)  Side front connectors for ShorePorts 1 ea at (107. ea) ShorePort Flexihinge 1 ea. at (360.)   $80. each
2 ea 4' x 10' SM Poly floating dock section   SOLD
2 ea 4' x 6' SM Poly floating dock section   $280. ea
3 ea Used 4' connectors   $62. ea
3 ea NEW Top Mount ShoreMaster all aluminum bench.    Tan   $109.

Used DR 30114
Vertical Lift

Used SM 50108
Cantilever Lift

Used Hewitt Long Narrow
Pontoon Lift

Used Vibo 1696
Cantilever Lift

Used PP 40108
Cantilever Lift

Used SM 16108
Cantilever Lift

Used SS 36108 Vertical
Pontoon Lift







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