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Close outs, Used docks & Used boat lifts on Hand

410 Grand Ave. (Hwy 8)
P.O. Box 308

Center City, MN  55012
651-257-4265 / 800-314-3625

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New returns, or close outs.



1 ea MDL 36' x 11'  slighty weather damaged Yellow WM tarp   $836.
1 ea Used Floe Vertical Lift 26108. New stainless cables. Pair of cradle pads on lake end of lift only. Sold "As Is".   $1200.
1 ea PP full length guides 3K '07   $205.
1 ea MDL 24108 SeaMark Burgundy   $1189.
1 ea ShoreMaster OEM WeatherMax Forest Green 25x120 Recent indoor show display   $918.
1 ea ShoreMaster OEM WeatherMax Forest Green 25x120. Used in Outdoor Display (slight hole in it)   $780.
  USED Docks and or Components    
2 ea Used ShoreMaster Unidock style corner section, with IPE Decking. 3x3x4 corner   $90. each
1 ea Used SM 90 degree corner with PP welded on female hinge. Frame only. (Add for decking of choice) with one support post   $150.
4 ea Bridgco H Stands, 36" wide, hot dipped galvanized steel - $50. each   $200.
  112 feet of USES white painted aluminum ShoreMaster panels.  45" width.  Approx 18 ea 4x4's and 10 ea 2x4's.  Some have storm damage, may not be perfectly flat. (New panels $240 retail 4x4)   $80.

 Per 4 foot Length

  Pier Pleasure Components - Close Outs    
1 ea 8' PP Handrail   $150.
  Several USED PP dock leg kits. Varying lengths. Pricing based on material picked out.   TBD

Holdovers, New & Used EZ Dock Components

2 ea Green powder coat railing 5' (nominal) width, Used   $225. each
1 ea Green powder coat railing 40" (nominal) width, Used   $205.
1 ea New Holdover galvanized steel 5' railing   $292.
1 ea Used EZ Dock winch stand. Stiff arm bracket    
1ea Used 2" x 2" square aluminum railing for EZ Dock attach. 40" (nominal) width. With new hardware connectors. 4 ea needed   $180.
1 ea Pipe Dock decking needs some help, but majority of posts, pipes are good.  Comes with aluminum ladder & 6-8'  bench   $440.

MISC. ACCESSORIES & New Holdover Stock

1 ea New Holdover. Rhino ShorePorts (floating jet ski lifts) 1150# capacity   $959. ea
1 ea 6' x 8' SM Poly floating poly dock section.   solid color (Rhino)   $959. ea
4 ea SM poly floating corner sections. 4x4x5' Speckled (blems) (Add of dock attach connectors)   $90. ea
8 ea Float and go, wheels and axle only   $80. each
26 NEW Top Mount ShoreMaster all aluminum benches.    White painted versions.  "Sold As Is" (see photo below)   $99.00
1 ea Commercial Steel Dock Frame with 2x6 green treat decking. 4' wide by 26' long. (16'frame and 19' frame) Cost without labor   $1579.
8 ea 4' x 10' Dock Rite Center Sections with 5' 1.5" OD support posts. Sectional dock system with non reinforced Titan vinyl or with yellow cedar decking (same cost for end sections).  Add $40. to above for side "L" section or starter sections. 2 ea of both side sections and starter sections   $713. ea with Titan Decking

$638. ea with Cedar Decking



New Aluminum On Deck Bench



410 Grand Ave. (Hwy 8) • Box 308 • Center City, MN 55012 • (651) 257-4265
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